Overall League Tables -  2017-2018
Individual Tables  -  Under 9 and Under 11
Final Individual League placings are based on the best 3 from 4 races.
Individual Tables  -  Under 13 and Under 15
Final Individual League placings are based on all 3 races.
Team Scores
Team Points are awarded in all 3 Races ( 4 for Under 11's)  and whilst you do not need to finish a team in all races, 
it is beneficial to your overall score.
Points are worked out as follows.
The last complete Team in each race is always awarded 6 points. The next to last 7 and so on.
This actually means that the first Team always scores, the number of Teams in that race plus 5.
The maximum number of points scored will vary, due to the different numbers of Teams in each race.
Please note: Some individual athletes may not be listed. This is because envelopes were either not completed correctly or were illegible.
I am afraid I will not be able to add any athletes to the tables if this was the reason.
Please advise of errors to:  sher.lsaa@virgin.net