Leeds Schools Cross Country League 2017-2018
Race 1 
Middleton Park
Saturday 4th November 2017
Thanks to all who helped to set up the course at Middleton Park and helped in officiating.
Some names will not be spelt correctly, as I could not read the writing on a number of envelopes.
I will correct spellings at the end of the week, if you send me the correct details.
Some schools did not supply surnames.
There are 4 numbers unaccounted for in the U11 Boys and 2 duplicate numbers due to a problem with the discs.
Race 2 Saturday 25th November 2017
Venue: Prince Henry's Otley at Wharfe Meadows.
Parking will be an issue, so can Schools please organise a minimum of cars i.e. doubling up on lifts and using minibuses where possible.
Please notify any errors to: