Leeds Schools Cross Country League 2019-2020
Race 3
Woodhouse Grove
Saturday 23rd November 2019
(Version 5)
Thanks to all who helped to set up the course at Woodhouse Grove and helped in officiating.
Well it took 25 minutes to dry out the results envelopes with a hairdryer before starting!!
Just over 4 hours of work with my daughter later, here are another set of results.
Sadly some Schools are still failing to hand in Team Sheets, which makes this job much harder than it should be.
Also some schools are just writing forenames on the results envelope, which means I have to cross reference to produce results, which also
adds on to the time taken.
Not too sure how many more years I will be producing results for but things will need to impove for the last 2 races, otherwise it may be time to call it a day!!
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