Leeds Schools Cross Country League 2019-2020
Race 4
Midleton Park
Saturday 14th December 2019
(Version 3)
Thanks to all who helped to set up the course at Middleton Park and helped in officiating.
Thanks to all the schools that did hand in a Team Sheet, which was the majority.
Unfortunately one school did not record all their finishers and another recorded Forenames and initials of Surnames, which is not helpful.
Please advise any errors to:
I will update Overall League Tables over the next 48 hours.
Whilst I try to include all athletes in these tables, this is a very time consuming process and not helped by lack of information
due to schools that have not bothered to inform me of errors on the previous results.
As a result I will only be amending errors in the top 10 positions. If an athlete is missing, they will be able to work out themselves what their position should be.